The MBA program aims at developing managers and leaders of the 21st century by providing state-of-the-art knowledge. It is a flexible and career oriented program designed to meet the needs of professionals in the competitive world. It is global, computer oriented and fast track. The Program is open to all College graduates of humanities, social science, commerce, business, engineering, medicine and others.

MBA (Executive)

EMBA is designed to accelerate the professionalism in business organization. It also sharpens skills of executives by providing them adequate practical and theoretical knowledge. To meet not only the national demand but also the global challenges, these executives will play a pivotal role.

Salient Features of MBA & EMBA Program :

⇒ MBA and EMBA help to prepare for a major career change.
⇒ MBA and EMBA programmes are evening and weekend programmes. Classes are held once a week
(Friday). Classes are start at 9 a.m. The schedule helps full- time professionals to attend the class.
⇒ Students may get course waiver and credit transfer facilities.

Major Areas MBA :

Finance, Marketing, Management and Human Resource Management.

Major Areas EMBA :

Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

Information of this Program of MBA :

Total Credit : 60
Total Semester (including internship) : 04
Duration per Semester : 06 Month
Duration of total program : 02 Years

Program structure of MBA :

Foundation Courses : 48 credit hours
Concentration Courses : 12 credit hours
Internship & reporting : 03 credit hours (included in Foundation Courses)
Total credits : 60 credit hours

Information of this Program of EMBA :

Total Credit : 48
Total Semester (including internship) : 03
Duration per Semester : 06 Month
Duration of total program : 1.5 Years

Program structure of EMBA :

Foundation & Concentration Courses : 45 credit hours
Internship & Reporting : 03 credit hours
Total credits : 48 credit hours

Fee Structure MBA/EMBA :

⇒ Admission fee : Tk. 15,000/- (Once at the time of admission for each student).
⇒ Tution fee : Tk. 5,000/- per month.
⇒ Semester Exam fee : Tk. 2,000/- per semester.
⇒ Yearly Miscellaneous fee : Tk. 2,000/- per year.
⇒ Development fee : Tk. 3,000/- per year.
⇒ Discount available.

Admission Requirements for MBA :

At least a Bachelor degree from any reputed university with good academic records.

Admission Requirements for EMBA :

At least a Bachelor degree from any reputed university with good academic records and minimum three years work experience in an executive position.


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