M.A in English Advantages of Studying M.A in English :

All over the world, like English no language is spoken before as second Language. Surprisingly their number is increasing day by day.

To keep pace with the modern world there is no other way but to use a global language in communication and information exchange. Obviously this global language is English.

To make a good command over English and to get the key to success in English language Teaching profession, M.A. in English can play a significant role to the graduates coming from other disciplines.

Since the numbers of private universities are booming in the country. M.A in English is on great demand.

Teachers often perform well while teaching English; but most of them lack some necessary degree like M.A. in English which would enable them to do better in their respective field.

ln modern spoken English courses post graduates in English are showing better performance.

For better teaching, latest methodology of language teaching is a must for our learners.

Information of M.A in English (2 Years) :

Total Credit : 54
Total Semester : 04
Duration per Semester : 06 Month
Duration of total program : 02 Years
Total Courses (Language & literature oriented) : 16

Admission requirements :

At least a Bachelor degree from any recognized institution.

Information of M.A in English (1 Year) :

Total Credit : 30
Total Semester : 02
Duration per Semester : 06 Month
Duration of total program : 01 Year
Total Courses (Language & literature oriented) : 09

Admission requirements :

At least a Bachelor degree in English from any recognized institution.

Class Schedule for M.A (1+2 Year) :

Classes are held on Friday only.

Fee Structure (MA in English) :

* Admission fee : Tk. 15,000/- (Once at the time of admission for each student).
* Tution fee : Tk. 4,000/- per month.
* Semester Exam fee : Tk. 2,000/- per semester.
* Yearly Miscellaneous fee : Tk. 2,000/- per year.
* Development fee : Tk. 3,000/- per year.
* Discount available.

Other facilities :

Computer fundamental courses are free.
Computer training are provided by local & foreign lT experts.
Easy access in computer lab & library throughout the whole week.
Internship and research opportunities at Khan Foundation.


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