Complaints policy

Acknowledging and solving any research-related problems and publishing their results in the TMUJ is an important element of editorial policy. Complaints allow the editorial board to improve the quality of the journal and the content of publishing policies and procedures constructively. The complaint should be sent to the journal's editorial office at the email address, clearly indicating the nature of the complaint, its subject, and the subject who submits it.

The editorial board of the Marketing and Management of Innovations journal considers the following complaints:

  • complaints related to the authorship of the published material;
  • complaints related to the presence of plagiarism in published research materials;
  • complaints related to the fact that the journal has published a paper that has already been published multiple times or repeatedly, simultaneously submitted for consideration to several journals;
  • complaints related to the appropriation of research results and fabrication of data;
  • complaints related to the presence of errors or fraudulent actions in the process of conducting research;
  • complaints related to violation of research standards;
  • complaints related to an undisclosed conflict of interest;
  • complaints related to bias or harmful actions of reviewers;
  • complaints related to the administration policy of the article publication process or recommendations for improving the publishing policy.

Complaints handling policy

TMU journal's editorial board responds promptly to complaints. A confirmation letter is sent to the complainant, which confirms the fact of receiving the complaint and determines the deadline (no more than 7 days), during which the editorial board undertakes to review the complaint on its merits and notify the complainant. The decision is sent to the complainant by e-mail. The detailed procedure for dealing with complaints is given in the COPE flowchart [link to flowcharts: see here].

The journal's editorial office implements all procedures aimed at ensuring, guaranteeing, and adhering to all ethical standards and principles of academic integrity.