B.A (Hons) in English Advantages of Studying English :

Globalization and open market policy require a promising generation who are good in English.

The world is wide open to the English graduates. English graduates can knock at almost every sector in job market.

English graduates can easily persue MBA and secure their entrance in Multinational companies.

In BCS or in any other government job, English graduates do the worthiest performance.

All the fast growing and uprising English medium schools and colleges require a large number of English teachers offering handsome salary.

In abroad, especially in the middle-east the need of English graduates is increasing day by day.

Information about B.A (Hons.) in English :

Total Credit : 120
Total Semester : 08
Duration per Semester : 06 Month
Duration of total program : 04 Years
Total Courses (Language & literature oriented) : 36

Admission requirements :

Minimum GPA 2.5 both in SSC or HSC or equivalent and in A level. Students from all disciplines (Science, arts, commerce) are eligible for admission.

Fee Structure (BA in English):

* Admission fee : Tk. 15,000/- (Once at the time of admission for each student).
* Tution fee : Tk. 4,000/- per month.
* Semester Exam fee : Tk. 2,000/- per semester.
* Yearly Miscellaneous fee : Tk. 2,000/- per year.
* Development fee : Tk. 3,000/- per year.
* Discount up to 80% (on conditions) on the basis of SSC & HSC result on tuition fee.


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